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PDF Please downloadLooking for the “Best WordPress Sales Plugins 2018”? Then be happy, because you’re about to discover some very powerful tools to add to the bottom line, using methods that most WordPress users will never have access to. These are methods which, up until now, have been the province of the “big boys” – companies with huge bankrolls and dedicated IT departments.

Now you can do like they do on any WordPress site, with some very specialized, cutting-edge plugins.

Everybody wants to sell more stuff on their sites. That’s a given, right? But sometimes the best way to sell stuff is to NOT actively engage in a “hard sell.” In fact, it’s this model that has been embraced and is used by millions of websites worldwide, and is even the foundation of Google Adsense itself, perhaps the world’s biggest and most lucrative program of it’s type.

Best of all, this results in passive income for you. So, in other words… install and profit! It’s really that simple.

These plugins were developed by close colleagues of ours – professional marketers themselves – who specialize in building one-of-a-kind, world class WordPress plugins renowned for getting results. Unlike a lot of developers out there, who make products they don’t use themselves, these guys test their plugins on their own sales channels long before releasing them to the general public. But even “general public” is a bit of a misnomer, because these are plugins generally only known to a relative handful of professional marketers. And that’s great, because it gives those of us who take advantage a big edge over the competition.

All of these WordPress plugins were developed with intelligence and from real-world experience. They adhere strictly to the “secret rules” Automattic (makers of WordPress) issues for plugin development. We’ve yet to see one of these plugins create a conflict or cause a site to crash – something we can’t say for many others. We think you will love these plugins, just like we do – and our clients.

Odds are you’ve never seen what we want to show you here, and we believe it will be of great value to you and any other serious WordPress users you know, which is why we strongly recommend you SHARE THIS PAGE of the best WordPress sales plugins for 2018 – and beyond.

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It’s Not Just About Best WordPress Sales Plugins 2018 – Get FREE Goodies!

These are not the usual, old-hat social sharing plugins or boring, dated-looking opt-in boxes which have been done to death. Every site has those now, and while it’s important to have them, the novelty of “clicking and sharing” has long since worn off, and a kind of blindness akin to that of ads has set in. But never fear. The software you’re going to see here is unique and very, very powerful. If you’re serious about the “legs” your site is going to have, then we believe it’s imperative you check ’em out, if nothing else.

In addition to marketing your site, we go into great depth on other aspects of owning a WordPress site and making it a hit. We cover speed, caching and performance in another section of this site. You may want to check it out in our epic post which describes and provides the STARTER SUITE of WORDPRESS PLUGINS.

You may also want to vist our FREE WORDPRESS PLUGINS section, which offer a range of state-of-the-art, top-of-the-class plugins for variety of niches and needs, and they’re 100% NO COST TO YOU. Better still, we will be adding more as time goes on. It’s our way of paying it forward to the WordPress community, so be sure to check it out. 🙂

We love sharing what we consider to be the best WordPress sales plugins 2018 – and beyond – with you, so watch this space, and keep comin’ back for more.

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  • Marcus says:

    Hello there,
    I am Marcus, just a blogger trying to get in the affiliate marketing community this late. I want to spice up my earning from adsense to affiliate marketing level. But the thing is i don’t wanna make any mistake, I’ve been searching for plugins and especially some free good ones but i could not find any. but others are not that well to my need as well. I need some like Coupon, daily deal and cashback etc. but there is no platform that is providing all that under one roof except this site that came up on my search ‘Revglue’ but i have no idea so i need suggestion.
    I’ll address you to the list revglue [.] com/free-wordpress-plugins you might be able to suggest me something.
    Thank You

    • Karl WMS says:

      Hey Marcus!

      Thanks for the question. In response, we don’t generally go in for these kinds of programs, not because they can’t work or be profitable, but because of the technical headaches that always come with them (which means lost time and revenue, and much aggravation). And then there’s the performance hits these types of plugins generally smack your site with. If you’re trying to do SEO and run these types of plugins, the two things are inevitably in conflict.

      Anyway, there are a few ad networks we like that are slightly more lucrative than Adsense, but we don’t even use them most of the time. Some of our clients insist on running ads, and we generally just use Adsense because it’s a Google product, it can generate a bit of money, and most important of all, the Big G won’t punish you for using same. We’ve actually seen a drop in page ranks and number of pages ranking when using other networks!

      Yes, that’s dirty pool on Google’s part, but what are you gonna do?

      Anyway, if you are managing just one site, then dealing with third-party plugins doing complex operations — interacting with other sites — may be viable or even lucrative, but we’ve yet to find one that works well across multiple sites. And if you’re going to go that route, just forget about getting good SEO results or “passive income.” You’ll be fighting technical wars half the day, every day. 🙁

      The truth is, if you’re doing affiliate marketing right (and I freely admit that can be a tough nut to crack these days), it’s FAR more profitable to build your list and sell to that list than to make a few cents here and there from ad networks and the like. It’s a difference of making dollars versus pennies. That being said, if you have a lot of traffic that either doesn’t convert well, or you’re having trouble converting said traffic, then such programs may make sense.

      Some people still build “Adsense sites,” which are essentially autoblogs designed to make passive income from casual traffic with passes through, but you’ve got to have a network of those to really make any serious money, and time and time again Google has slapped these “thin content” sites down. We’ve concluded it’s not worth the risk for the small amount of money that comes out of it. So, we can’t recommend going that route, even though there are people making some money from it. The general consensus is that the “glory days” of the “Adsense site” are long over.

      Native ads are big right now, but you have to make a conscious choice: do you want to keep your traffic as long as possible, or let it slip away to make a few cents? Or maybe not. What if you could have what look like native ads, but they all lead back to you? Make dollars instead of cents! If you like that idea, we strongly recommend you take a look (or maybe a second look) at this “secret” plugin some friends of ours developed. In our experience, it works really well, and could be the perfect answer to your problem.

      Other than that, if you care about SEO, my advice would be to stick with Adsense. There are a number of good plugins for managing Adsense and the like. We currently use Advanced Ads. If you don’t care about SEO and are willing to forego organic traffic — you simply want to monetize a site as much as possible — you might consider (off the top of my head) Popads, Propeller ads or Revenue Hits. They’re all relatively easy networks to get into (in my experience), and are integrated with WordPress.

      I hope some of this helps. 😉


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