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How Does Branding Relate to My Business?

Most new businesses and many old ones get their leads through word of mouth, and that is fine. Word of mouth is the absolute best kind advertising there is. But for most businesses, it’s also a very limited one, with inconsistent results. For example, one month you’ll get five referrals, the next month one, the next one three, etc.. You may be able to sustain a business this way, but without another way to get steady leads, it’s very difficult to grow it.

Many businesses spend a large amount of their time chasing new business. It’s even understandable and perfectly “normal” in the beginning. This kind of “brute force” marketing is the absolute least efficient kind, and doing business this way is definitely hard. For a lone entrepreneur it can be especially difficult, particularly if he or she doesn’t dig sales. One spends all of his or her time selling, with little or no time for growing, nurturing, improving and expanding. And let’s’ be honest — few people really do, nor are they good at it. Further, as as time goes on, growth requires more people doing hard selling.

But if you want to attract business as painlessly as possible — even passively — and generate repeat business regularly (the easiest kind of business to get), then you need to have a recognizable brand. The way to do that, unless you’re foolishly trusting to the fickle gods of marketing fate, is to have an effective strategy for building your brand, and our how to brand building strategy PDF will give you that.

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A childhood friend of mine (Bill) grew up in a “Sears” family. His parents were originally from “down on the farm” Kansas, where the nearest department store was two hours away. In horse and buggy days, it had been two days away! They had come to rely on Sears Roebuck & Co. for just about everything. Back in those “bad ol’ days,” they’d get everything from housewares and work clothes to tools and farm equipment from this one company — as much of rural America did. And as Sears continued to deliver excellent quality products that lasted a long time (or even had lifetime warranties, like Craftsman Tools), loyalty to the brand became total in the heart’s of many.

In later years, after Bill’s parents moved to Los Angeles, they were still, first and foremost, Sears people — though of course, they could simply pile in the car and take a ten minute drive to the local store. No more mail order for them!

I remember, as a kid, that virtually everything this family owned was bought from Sears — directly or indirectly — and I thought it was really weird. My family wasn’t like that. In fact, we rarely shopped at Sears. But we also didn’t have a total fixation on a single brand for everything either. My folks were the type that spend their weekends pouring over newspapers trying to find the best deal, so brand loyalty in my family was considerably less sure.

Still, Bill’s family was a thoroughly devoted Sears family — the kind marketers dream of — and that was just the way it was. Their trust in the brand was absolute and total — to the point that it superseded other name brands almost entirely. If it came from Sears, they had no qualms about paying for it. And if cost a bit more than the other department store down the street, so be it!

I used to kid Bill that if Sears had made cars, his parents would have driven them. This wasn’t far from the truth, because they preferred Sears maintenance to the car dealer. I’m pretty sure that if Sears had gone the Walmart route, Bill’s family would have bought their groceries from Sears too.

Speaking of Walmart and building a brand — wow. But that’s a discussion for another time.

As for Bill’s family, even if what they wanted wasn’t made by Sears, it was still bought from a Sears store. The thought was, if Sears is carrying it, we can trust it! Think about this; the family’s trust in Sears literally carried over to other companies, so long as they were positively associated with Sears! I can’t think of any brand I’ve ever heard of having more loyalty today, or ever.

Maybe Apple, but that’s about it. Can you think of another?

Bill’s parents are long since gone, and I haven’t seen ol’ Bill in many years. But I sometimes wonder if he’s still as dedicated to the Sears brand as he was raised to be. The company has lot a lot of it’s luster in recent decades. Then again, brand loyalty is a very powerful thing. It’s why all of us, as marketers, must do our level best to follow a smart brand building strategy, and so our level best to build a memorable brand.

Brand Building Strategy 101

In simplest terms, your brand can be anything. But to be both memorably and effective, it should either be your name or a descriptive title. For instance, our brand — Web Marketing Services — simply describes what it is we do. It was used with “malice aforethought,” because back in the day when we grabbed the URL, exact match URLs were all the rage and extremely valuable for SEO. So while these reasons are not quite as important today, we felt and still do feel that it’s a good, solid, straight forward name. If we had to do it over again, we might have picked something a little more dynamic — say Mojo Web Marketing Services –but we’re happy with it.

A brand, as often as not, has a logo and/or mascot, and a color scheme. You can see we chose white and blue for WMS, but it could just as easily have been orange and black. Color theory is far beyond the scope of this article, but it’s something to consider when figuring out your brand. Whatever you do, though, if you’re going to have a visual element, make sure it is a professional looking one. Your logo and your branding is one area where having a professional do the job is worth the expense. You may say “I can’t afford that,” but you absolutely cannot afford to screw up your brand, either!

BTW, you can get a logo designed by a professional for a starting price of $5 on Fiverr, so there’s no excuses for not having a cool looking logo, at the very least.

Plan With Our Brand Building Strategy PDF

Your branding strategy needs to be one of the things you really think about and plan for. Don’t leave it to chance, and don’t approach it haphazardly. You need a plan, and you need follow it. That’s where our report comes in!

Big picture, the smart way to do business is to leverage assets in place of your time and effort. Let your content do the selling for you. And that’s what branding is all about. Because if you’re building your brand, you’re creating a machine that will send business your way with little to no effort. In a real sense, building brand equity is about getting leads, business and — perhaps most importantly of all — repeat business on autopilot. Sound good? Then get our FREE brand building strategy PDF, and get started!



Another important element of branding is finding your company’s Unique Selling Proposition, or USP. Some people call this the Unique Selling Point. Either way, your company (and individual products) must have something that sets you apart from the competition—something they don’t or can’t offer—to differentiate you from your competitors.

Chipotle, for example, sets itself apart from the plethora of “fast food” restaurants by referring to itself as “fast casual”, and by using ingredients that are more wholesome than its competitors. It focuses mostly on non-GMO ingredients, and uses locally grown produce whenever possible. For a while, the restaurant chain even took its pork carnitas off the menu over issues with the way the pigs were being treated by its suppliers.

In a sea of restaurants that focus more on offering cheap food quickly, the company managed to carve out a nice for itself by becoming a healthier, more socially conscious option.

Your company can do the same by figuring out exactly how you can set yourself apart from your competition. This may take a good deal of thought, especially if you’re in a large niche with a massive number of competitors. For example, if you’re a blogger, you may find yourself competing against thousands, or even millions of similar blogs.

What makes you different? Why should someone choose your company or products over your competitors’?

That is what you must figure out!

You may already have a USP, but if not, you should sit down and figure out something that makes you different. Let’s take a look at some examples.

  • Chipotle differentiated itself by using fresh, wholesome ingredients
  • FedEx made a name for itself by reliably delivering packages overnight
  • Dominos focused on delivering its pizza more quickly than its competitors
  • Walmart found that keeping its prices lower than other stores skyrocketed its success
  • To compete with Walmart, Target focused on more upscale merchandise and cleaner stores
  • Avis focused on customer service with the slogan “We’re number two. We try harder.”

Each of these companies is widely known for being different from its competitors. They made a name for themselves by not only doing something to stand out from the crowd, but also focusing on that in their marketing and branding.

You must do the same!

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