A Web Marketing Services Special Offer

Better Leads for Less!

Every business lives and dies by leads. Unfortunately, most business owners have trouble getting as many quality leads as they would like. They either spend enormous sums of money to get so-so leads — or simply wait for the phone to ring, hoping that happy clients make a referral. Can you relate?

What if there was a better, smarter, more efficient way? Would you jump on it?

Our Premier Leads are better than the best leads of other vendors – at half the cost (or even less)! How? Why? Because we have developed a proprietary method of lead generation which lowers costs dramatically, while at the same time producing far better results. ​Now you can put these world-class leads to work for your business!

Here's what sets our Premier Leads apart from every other vendor: ​

  • Affordable – Better leads for less (a lot less in most cases)!
  • Targeted – Tell us who your ideal client is, we'll go get them for you!
  • Reliable – Delivered within seven days (weekly on contract)!
  • Exclusive – Yours and yours alone. No old, crappy shared leads!
  • Fresh Custom generated and delivered solely for your use!
  • Pre-Sold – They have asked to be contacted. Very high ROI – less wasted time!
  • Pre-Qualified: Leads screened to be your ideal prospect!

Limited Time Offer!

This is a limited time offer. We want to introduce our product to the market and garner some testimonials. Normally, we will sell these leads only under contract or in larger quantities. So don't blow this opportunity, and order now before we pull this offer down.

Think about it. Never again will you have to struggle with getting new business. In fact, you can now start planning for business growth, because you will KNOW how many new clients you can expect every month. Isn’t that a business plan you can get behind? Why not try out our leads today – you've got everything to gain and, with our guarantee, zero risk!

You'll get our absolute best, highest-quality, pre-sold, "buyer" leads, which our competitors can't touch – at any price! The truth is, though, that even if we charged what the other guys charge for their expensive-but-inferior leads, you'd still be getting a steal, since in effect, you're buying a new Rolls Royce for what they charge for an old junker.

  • HomeAdvisor (formerly ServiceMagic) and similar services provide non-exclusive, not pre-sold leads that may be months old and beat to death — yet you’ll still pay $20 per lead, $30 per lead, $40 per lead and even more.
  • Google Adwords can be just as much – for A SINGLE CLICK! It can even be a mistake, but you still pay. This is a far cry from a hot lead, as you probably already know.
  • The dying and nearly dead Yellow Pages and local newspapers still charge big bucks for ads which may not do anything for you (and which cannot be easily tracked).

Guaranteed Results!

So who are we? We are lead generation specialists, with a proven technique for capturing real time, in-need, pre-sold leads – exclusively for you. It doesn’t matter what field you’re in, odds are we can deliver for you. We have worked with just about every kind of business and profession, and we are confident we can succeed for yours, even if we haven't worked your industry before. 

We are business people too. We know the importance and value of having good quality leads, and being able to reach people who have money to spend and are anxious to hear from you. Because of all the challenges out there, we had to develop our own proprietary methodology for getting top-quality leads at a reasonable price. The system took a long time and a lot of money, but we perfected it. Luckily, now YOU can benefit from it.

IF you act now!

NOTE: We do not do criminal lawyer/attorney, restaurant, bar, venue or emergency services only leads. If in doubt about whether we can or will generate leads for you, please feel free to drop us a line. Just bear in mind that this offer is very limited, and if you wait for an answer, the offer may expire. We suggest you order now. If we cannot fulfill, we will refund in full. No worries.


Basic Premier Lead Includes: First Name, Email Address, City & IP.
Phone Numbers (Home, Mobile, Office) and Last Names are available at additional cost.

Payment is via PayPal. This protects both parties, in addition to your credit/debit card protections. You do not have to be a PayPal member to use PayPal. All major credit or debit cards are accepted.

In the rare event we don't believe we can help you, your payment(s) will be refunded in full.

When the timer runs out, this special offer expires, and you will pay normal price (still a steal) –

As soon as we receive payment, your job goes into the queue. Within two business days, we will be in touch to discuss the particulars of your ad and determine the specific kinds of people we should target. This information is critical to getting the best results with your campaign. Indeed, we will not start working without first getting your valuable input!

In addition to lead cost, there is a one-time, non-refundable $49 Setup Fee, payable upon commencement of campaign work. We have sunk costs, and preparing your run takes time and effort. However, the fee is deductible from any future lead generation agreement.

100% satisfaction guarantee


I'm Karl, head honcho over here at Web Marketing Services, and I want you to know we stand behind what we do. We can't, of course, guarantee that any one lead is going to turn into a customer. Nobody can. However, we are so confident that our leads are the best you will ever buy we are confident in offering an unprecedented-in-the-industry, one-of-a-kind, truly unbeatable 200% Double Total Satisfaction Guarantee!

First, if you can find comparable leads anywhere else, we’ll beat their price by at least 20%. And if we can’t do it, we’ll give you double your money back!

Second, if you’re not totally satisfied* with a batch of provided leads, we’ll check 'em out to find out what went wrong, fix it, and deliver another batch. Up to twice more, if necessary!

*Bear in mind that some things are beyond our control. We can (and do) provide the platinum premier standard of leads. But turning a prospect into a customer and a lead into a sale is up to you.

Lead Services Testimonials

Enrique S. Landscape Design/Maintenance

I spent tens of thousands on Yellow Pages online ads that didn't do much for me... Now I spend a tiny fraction of that – and get better leads every week! I even hired a sales guy to close all the leads... I don't stress about jobs or getting customers anymore. Thank you, WMS.

Cynthia P. Nutritionist/Physical Therapist

The best leads I have ever gotten. What I could have done with leads like this over all the years I've been in business...

Kevin J.General Contractor

We used to pay through the nose for bad leads -- supposedly "the best leads." Maybe 1 in 5 worked out. Now I pay a lot less, and have work happening all over town. I will NEVER go back to doing things the way I did before -- thanks to you, Web Marketing Services!

Alica E. Financial Advisory Manager

Our experience with WMS' leads has been fantastic. We get new prospects every week, and they are the best we've ever bought. They turn into customers!!! Our business is growing fast because of these leads. :-)

Bobby H.Optometrist

I hate trying to be a marketer myself, and I won't pay those huge fees anymore for outside help. I was in the lurch, until WMS came along. Funny thing is, I responded to one of their ads; now they get leads for me!

Ahlam Q.Bookkeeping Services

Thank you, WMS, for turning our business around. The leads, the site help, the brand makeover... We are now in demand and having to turn work away. We much prefer this to the other! :)

Premier Leads at a Low Price!