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In this article, we’ll discuss a question that many people are asking these days, particularly as his fame and notoriety continues to grow: What is the “Russell Brunson Net Worth?” We’ll look at his accomplishments, consider a number of sources and make an educated guess as to his real wealth.

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“Entrepreneurship is about finding a market that’s hot and figuring out how to get into that.” – Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson Net Worth

Russell Brunson Net Worth

Russell Brunson, speaking before a crowd of enthusiastic internet marketers and funnel builders.

Brunson jumped into the web marketing world halfway through the first decade of this century. As an original “young lion” (some might say “OG”) of the scene, and one of it’s earliest and most effective pioneers, Brunson was also one of it’s first huge success stories — though not right off the start line, and not without a lot of fits and starts. He has certainly been admired and celebrated by his peers for years.

It’s only in recent years, however, that his name has become more widely known — something which coincides, not incidentally, with the growing impact of online commerce, and the increasing transition of business from brick and mortar store fronts to internet marketing enterprises.

Much, if not most of this fame, is based on his commitment to adding real value and creating great products. But even as his name has gained wide recognition, he hasn’t let it go to his head. He’s managed to remain  a down-to-earth, regular-guy kind of guy — something which works very well in a universe full of hot air and hype.

“In this field filled with one-hit wonders and smoke-and-mirror shows, a person like Brunson stands out. In fact, anyone in any industry who works to add value first and foremost will rise to the top. And that’s precisely what Brunson has always aimed to do — to add value to the lives of entrepreneurs looking to untether the cord from a full-time job that has them at the mercy of their corporate overlords.” – R.L. Adams, FORBES

As of the time of this writing, in April 2018, there is no doubt that Brunson’s company has made tens of millions of dollars online. The recent launch of his flagship product — Clickfunnels, which allows anyone, even without a website, to put their business online — has, by all accounts, been a huge winner.

By all appearances, Clickfunnels may well become an “industry standard” app for the entire web marketing world. In recent months, less expensive imitators have appeared on the scene, but to this point, we’ve yet to see one as fully-featured and capable as Brunson’s product.

But it’s not all about money for Brunson. He has taught thousands of students around the world the secrets of e-commerce success and making money online, with both his free courses and paid programs, and continues to do so. One must only watch his training videos to see the enthusiasm he brings to what he does. It’s clear he loves to impart knowledge and derives real satisfaction from seeing others succeed. Brunson is the living embodiment of the dream of marketing on the web. That being: find your passion and make a living from it.

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Brunson is a lifetime student of business advertising, marketing and promotion. Unlike most American males, his fascination with the family newspaper was not just the sports section — even if he was known for his athletic prowess as a young man. No, it was the adverts, inserts and flyers that fascinated him! From this, it was ultimately “a natural” for him to begin his own business, which he did while still in college. If timing is said to be everything, then Brunson came of age at the right time to exploit the power of the Internet and achieve wealth. Exploit it to the fullest he did.

The ‘net allowed him to put all of his marketing knowledge and expertise to good use. It gave him a big edge over most other would be online marketers. His encyclopedic knowledge of advertising and marketing techniques probably puts him on par with academics who have spent years studying the subject. But his ability to do great things with that knowledge is far more than academic, separating him from the crowd of those who may talk the talk, but not walk the walk. Indeed, it separates him from the vast majority of those who aspire to make money online.


Russell Brunson demonstrating proper lead capture and sales funnel creation at an internet marketing conference.

The said truth is, most business people know next to nothing about online marketing (or indeed, marketing in general). While Brunson doesn’t pretend he can save millions of these innocent (and ignorant) business owners from either themselves or all the bad information online, he knows he can save at least a few. How? Because he has done so already. One look at all of his testimonials shows just how effective a leader and teacher Brunson has turned out to be.

Today, the one-time aspiring Olympian is recognized as one of the world’s most successful self-made entrepreneurs — a thought leader, mentor and a leading light of the internet marketing scene. He takes great pride in the fact that he is a true American success story — a “rags to riches,” “bootstrap success,” “up from nothing” entrepreneur who made a name for himself and made it to the “big time” without a dime of investor money — as well he should. More so than the vast majority of other successful business people, he can say “I did it my way” and truly mean it.

Yes, Brunson literally built his business from scratch, and to this day is entirely self-funded — all of which inspires his many fans and followers, most of whom hope to do the same. After all, if he can do it, why shouldn’t anybody else?

Of course, making it to the “big time” is considerably more complicated than this simple question. One must have the right tools and the relevant knowledge — something which can take many years to learn, unless one has a clear path to follow. Fortunately for most, Brunson provides that clear path. Several of them, in fact.

On this score, the story gets even better, as he has countless success stories to point to by way of credibility. His Clickfunnels affiliate program alone has created millionaires. How many other entrepreneurs can honestly say that? One of the fairly amazing incentives his affiliates have earned in significant numbers is a free car!

As successful as he has become, by all appearances, Brunson hasn’t forgotten his roots. People who know him say he is as humble and generous today as he was known to be way back when. He certainly comes across as a “regular guy” in every interview and video, which is to his great credit. After all, we live in an age which craves authenticity, and this entrepreneur has never had pretensions to be anybody other than who he is. Nor does he need to over-hype what he has, because the quality of his offerings has become near-legendary in the internet marketing space, and this legacy speaks for itself.

Likability, after all, is a major key to success these days – as it always has been and almost certainly always will be – and Brunson has it in spades. If one learns nothing else from him, this one thing alone can spell the difference between success and failure. It’s true that not everyone is as photogenic or has the same winning persona as Brunson. But one would do well to learn the importance of having a likable spokesperson, if nothing else!

Show Us the Money!

Be advised that calculating the Russell Brunson net worth is not an easy task. Like Donald Trump, Russell Brunson is a private citizen who has not disclosed his financials nor made his tax returns public; unlike the President, nobody was expecting him to, nor did he promise to do so.


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Brunson is not painfully insecure and in constant need of validation — unlike a certain other party — so he does not brag about his wealth and makes no claims to his net worth, which doesn’t help us put a figure to it. While we’re clear he’s no billionaire (or even faux-billionaire) yet — nor does he claim to be — we know he has earned tens of millions of dollars in the online space and is personally worth millions.

However, it’s our bet that Russell Brunson achieves real billionaire status about the same time that other party’s net worth is irrefutably proven to be considerably less than the $10 billion dollars claimed. What do you think?

NOTE: As this story “goes to press” (WordPress, to be exact), news is breaking that the President lied his way on the Forbes 400 list and has been vastly inflating his real net worth for decades. So Brunson surpassing him may actually happen even faster than we had thought.

NOTE 2: Some weeks after this post went up, we got a very caustic response from a reader who was apoplectic and incensed that we would dare “mix politics with business” – because after all, that never happens on Faux Newz or in the pages of the Wall Street Journal or even in D.C. itself (ahem) – and seethed that we had the unmitigated gall and severe lack of patriotism (!) to question The Donald’s stated net worth. The number is known to fluctuate from grandiose proclamation to grandiose proclamation, but has recently seemed to hover around $10+ billion – apparently a kind of “magic number” in what passes for Mr. Trump’s mind. Well, sorry to rain on your parade, dear reader, but we now know how much POTUS is actually worth – and it isn’t that $10+ billion. Not even close. As it turns out, we’d have lost our bet (timing wise). D.C. Report jumped the gun on us. But we weren’t entirely wrong, either. The truth comes from Donny Boy’s own mouth: “After he got into the Oval Office, Trump filed a statement under penalty of perjury showing a net worth of just $1.4 billion.” – D.C. Report

Recent analysis (by Forbes) suggests that the Clickfunnels platform alone — with over a quarter of a million accounts and 40,000 paying members — is earning his company a very respectable $90 million per annum. It is well on it’s way to being one of the single most popular SaaS (software as a service) in the online marketing realm, and potentially a billion dollar enterprise.

According to one account, Brunson’s current net worth is approximately $35-40 million. His company, DotComSecrets, has earned upwards of $350 million in recent years. Given the widespread and growing adoption of Clickfunnels by everyone from hard-core online marketing mavens to noobs looking to make their first dollars online (and what a powerful tool it is in this regard), we expect those numbers to double and then triple in the not too distant future.

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An old saw of the advertising/marketing game is this: “People buy from those they know, like and trust.” Brunson’s persona is such that most people find him affable and trustworthy — an important lesson for those who would attempt to imitate him, on whatever level. Building trust and rapport with his audience is Brunson’s stock in trade, and teaching his students how to do the same is a fundamental to his methodology. Furthermore, the former college wrestler provides a ton of value on his site, YouTube channel and in the many free courses he gives away to the public — information that many have used to dramatically improve their businesses and their lives. He is a firm believer in another old adage: “You must give to get.”

Brunson places great stock in providing superior value, hiring the best people and marketing incessantly (imagine that). He thinks and dreams big, and constantly reinvests in himself and his operation. It’s reminiscent in many ways of Henry Ford, whose goal was to create a postiive work environment for his employees, and then empower them to deliver high-quality but affordable products to consumers. In other words, Brunson believes in the tried and true fundamentals of business success, much of which seems lost or forgotten in the “get rich quick” mentality of the modern world. He practices what he preaches.

Of particular significance — and worth mentioning — is the fact that Brunson has achieved all of his success without venture capital, investors or IPOs. He is truly an example of the “rags to riches,” Horatio Alger, All-American bootstrap success story that so many still fervently believe in — almost as a religious conviction — with little or no actual real world proof. But Brunson is that proof. His story is a remarkable one, and it’s no wonder he has been featured on CNBC, Medium and Forbes, among others.

“After his earlier frustrations, Brunson’s businesses took off. He was able to fashion a business out of almost anything. He even made hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling a potato gun guide on how to build a potato gun, complete with schematics and DVD. Yes, a potato gun. That’s when Brunson realized the sheer power of the internet and his capacity to potentially make an obscene income online.” – R.L. Adams, FORBES


Russell Brunson and his family, with famous self-help guru Anthony Robbins. Brunson has become a popular and sought-after marketing consultant, due to his deep knowledge and pioneering expertise.

Brunson’s name, reputation and success story is such that even world-famous celebrities and big time entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins regularly consult with him for his “how to” expertise in online marketing. Fortunately for the public, he doesn’t charge his students the kind of fees he asks for from “household name” clients — though he could easily charge far more than the “entry level” prices he gets for his paid materials.

The basic Clickfunnels package is full of chock-a-block full of amazing value and capability far exceeding the $99/mo. price tag (somewhat similar “enterprise level” apps charge two, three, four or even many more times this amount).

Still, his great success was anything but per-ordained and without struggle. Like most entrepreneurs and would-be online marketers, Brunson struggled mightily for many years to put his visionary techniques (many of which have become standard industry practice) into full effect. Today, what seems like an unstoppable series of victories, was once fits and starts of boom and bust.

Our conclusion? Whatever the real Russell Brunson net worth actually is, the message is very clear. If one’s goal is to build a business (of any kind) and make money online, you can do far worse than making this self-made multi-millionaire your mentor.

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