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​Smart Fone Fortunes Confirmation

​At Web Marketing Services [WMS], we've been testing and using this method for some time now. ​It works! So much so, that we can't wait to ​share it with you. However... Before we can do so, you need to ​GO TO YOUR ​INBOX and CONFIRM your ​desire to hear from us.

We have to do this this for two reasons:
1) To​ comply with the new EU privacy laws of 2018. 
2) To reduce the number of fakes and flakes (i.e. scammers) getting thru.

You Must Confirm to See the Webinar!

​Here's all you gotta do: Go to your INBOX, look for the email from us entitled "Smart Fone Fortunes Confirm" and CLICK THE LINK inside the email. That's it! Once you've done so, you'll be instantly redirected to sign up for the webinar​. ​

​This truly is a staggeringly powerful method which will show you how to make life-changing money doing what you love, but it is limited in availability and slots. We strongly urge you take the next step.

​Confirmation email should arrive immediately​ after opting in. If you don't see it, please check your SPAM/BULK folder. If ​the email is there, be sure to WHITELIST our email address so future emails are not l​ost as well. If after ten minutes you still have​n't seen our confirmation email, please email us for help: info@webmarketingsvc.com


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